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What is RIVS Interviewing Technology?

RIVS is a web-based
technology built for
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RIVS interview technologies empower recruiters and hiring managers to effectively screen and select applicants to advance in their hiring process. Video, voice, and written interviews reveal key candidate communication and personality skills earlier on in the selection process, scheduling tools improve the logistics of arranging interviews, and the interview guide builder prepares internal stakeholders for an effective in-person interview. RIVS helps organizations discover top talent while reducing time to hire and costs associated with interviewing.

Where did we come from?

RIVS was born out of necessity.

At their previous company, our founders constantly struggled with the vast inefficiencies of the hiring process. Their company was growing quickly so they needed to hire great people, however, they couldn’t keep up with the thousands of job applications they received every week. Good candidates were slipping through the cracks while much of their time was spent scheduling and interviewing unqualified candidates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life easier for all of our stakeholders.

Our mission is to make life easier for all of our stakeholders with interviewing technology. We will provide our customers an easy-to-use, SaaS-based technology and fanatical customer service that makes their lives easier; we will make the job search and interviewing process less burdensome on job candidates; we will forge win-win relationships with our partners; and we will create a great place to work that makes our employees proud.

Our Values

We believe that company values serve a critical business function by guiding our decision making and culture. We strive not to be a company whose values are simply posters on a wall. Our values determine how we do business, who we hire and don’t hire, and the tradeoffs we make on a daily basis.
We will interact candidly with our colleagues and our customers. We understand that delivering bad news might not feel very good and may negatively impact our quarterly numbers, but it will lead to better long term business relationships.
We will be experts in our jobs, our industry, and our customer’s businesses. No matter our role, we will be able to make the people around us smarter.
The only true competitive advantage is making your customers and colleagues successful. We will be fanatical about going out of our way to make sure the people we interact with experience success with video interview.
Everybody comes with different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and goals. We will take the time to understand where our customers and colleagues are coming from.
We are empowered and encouraged to think outside the box, both for our customers and for each other.
We are all responsible for the company’s successful execution of its mission. In that spirit, we must take ownership of the results asked of us and use our intellect, hard work, creativity, and ingenuity to achieve those desired results.
The differences in process between an average and a great company, and an average and a great employee are minimal yet the differences in results are enormous. We believe that great results are achieved by doing the little things every day that allow us to work harder, smarter, and more creatively than our competitors. Only then can we deliver the best possible service to our customers.