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RIVS Acquires InterviewStream

Chicago, IL [January 5, 2017] – RIVS, the leading provider of video interviewing solutions, today announced the acquisition of InterviewStream from Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc. Founded in 2003, InterviewStream pioneered the use of mock interviewing technologies to prepare university and college students for interviews.  Over the last decade it has built pre-recorded interviewing, […] Keep Reading


How to Know When a Candidate is Actually Interested In your Company

From an HR perspective, the recruiting process is a lot like dating. You are trying to see if you are compatible with a prospective candidate. You make some small talk, get their number, give them yours, and make a plan to meet up again. Let's say you text them. A couple of times and their […] Keep Reading


Spotlight on Innovation

Traditionally, Spring and Fall are prime time to attend HR and Recruiting industry conferences for those of us eager to learn about future trends, best practices and innovation. Themes may vary from year to year but what stays the same is the hard work that conference organizers apply to differentiate their events. As always, the […] Keep Reading


How to Avoid Turnover

How To Avoid Turnover It seems so obvious as to not need to be stated – keeping good employees is better for business. But why is this truism true? And what can be done to avoid turnover? The hidden costs of turnover can include decreased productivity, not to mention the training time and costs inherent […] Keep Reading



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