How RIVS AutoScheduler Compares to Other Scheduling Solutions

When searching for an interview scheduling solution, it’s crucial to consider how you will be using the software. For example, how many employees will use your software? Think about the complexity of your typical job interviews. Do you have multiple interview formats: one-on-one, panel interviews, back-to-back, and round robin? It’s essential to find one easy […] Keep Reading

Have you created your Super Recruiter?

When Stan Lee passed away this past November he left behind a larger than life legacy. Co-creating some of the greatest superheroes from The Hulk to the Fantastic Four. These heroes and his vision for characters blasted Marvel into another universe to sit at the top of the Comic Book Industry. For too long the […] Keep Reading

How Automated Scheduling Helps Save Recruiters Time

Coordinating schedules is a huge pain point for recruiters. Recruiters often spend several hours per week simply coordinating interview schedules between candidates, hiring managers and other interviewers. This waste of time can mean lost candidate opportunities and a loss of ROI for your organization.   The disadvantages of manual scheduling Candidate interview scheduling is a […] Keep Reading

Boost Your Business with Automated Interview Scheduling

Does your company struggle with coordinating interviews with candidates and perhaps multiple interviewers? The scheduling process can be taxing, and in many cases, a tedious back-and-forth can actually ruin the candidate experience. According to Talent Board, 46 percent of candidates withdraw from the recruiting process, because they feel that their time is disrespected during interviews, […] Keep Reading


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