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HR Horrors

By now, the candy has all been sorted and parents have claimed their favorites while their youngsters sleep soundly. But the sad truth is that for HR professionals, horrors abound. Halloween is not the scariest thing they have to face. Nor are screaming angry toddlers. No, for many HR pros, there are horrors no one […] Keep Reading


The “Me Too” Movement & What It Means For HR

Anyone with a social media account has probably seen postings in the last few days stating, simply “Me Too.” What does this movement refer to and why is it out there? According to Recode, the movement which launched originally on Twitter refers to the statement by victims of sexual harassment and assault of their existence. […] Keep Reading


Asking The Right Questions

Questions seek and often obtain answers. Asking the right questions at the right stage of your employment relationship can make the difference whether it is in the recruitment process, in employee development and retention or even after termination. Recruitment: The secret to a strong interview process really is in the questions. It’s ALL about the […] Keep Reading


Technology With A Human Touch

In a Human Resources operation, there is no doubt, a human touch is required. Many people believe, erroneously, that some technology is designed to replace or reduce the amount of human interaction in the hiring process. recently published an article suggesting that perhaps if hiring processes are not finding the right people it may […] Keep Reading



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