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How to Avoid Turnover

How To Avoid Turnover It seems so obvious as to not need to be stated – keeping good employees is better for business. But why is this truism true? And what can be done to avoid turnover? The hidden costs of turnover can include decreased productivity, not to mention the training time and costs inherent […] Keep Reading


From Flipped Classroom to Flipped HR Office

Written by Greg Dietz, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel at Maine Township High School District 207 A relatively new method of teaching calls for turning the classroom upside down by reversing the typical order of the delivery of instruction. Stealing a page from the playbook of teachers, human resource professionals in the educational setting are “flipping” […] Keep Reading


How to Identify a Good HR Leader

Strong in presence, and yet able to lead without acrimony, a good HR leader is a rare and essential treasure for any organization. But what makes an HR leader stand out as a good one? Look for the following: They genuinely care. About the business, about the organization they serve, and about the people who […] Keep Reading


October Job Report

Despite Hurricane Matthew's impact on the East Coast affecting the establishment and household survey activities, the October job report was noticeably unremarkable. There were 161,000 new nonfarm jobs added. This number was less than the expected 175,000 jobs but continued a 73-month trend of positive job growth. Wages, however, showed a dramatic increase in the […] Keep Reading



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