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September Job Report

With 156,000 new jobs added to the economy in September, August jobs numbers revised from 151,000 to 167,000 and July's numbers reduced to a still-impressive 252,000 jobs, the job report news is that there seems to be no news. While September's job growth did not achieve the expected level of 172,000 new nonfarm jobs, analysts […] Keep Reading


3 People Who Need to be a Part of Every Interview

Who are your team's key interviewers? Of course there are many people who can be involved in the interviewing process, but who are the ones who matter most? There are three critical key interviewers. The Boss. Sure, the role of team members in the interviewing process works out great for them because they get a […] Keep Reading


Texting to Schedule Your Next Interview

In a world where texting has become the new "norm" for communication, the seemingly ancient process for scheduling interviews has taken a drastic new turn for the better thanks to the RIVS digital interviewing solution. Instead of having to make multiple phone calls to busy people trying to find times in their schedules to coordinate […] Keep Reading


Signs the Candidate’s Potential doesn’t match the Resume

The resume reads like a dream. From the paper it was printed on to the content, the candidate potential seems sky-high. But a candidate is more than a piece of paper. So what warning signs might point to the fact that the candidate's potential doesn't really match the resume? If the candidate thinks they have […] Keep Reading



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