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Keeping Media Social – Water Cooler Rules

Work is supposed to be a place where we, well, work. And yet the world is a fairly social place. It used to be that employees would take their “breaks” at the water cooler, or in the famed restroom of Ally McBeall’s law offices (complete with Barry White in the background). These days, however, breaks […] Keep Reading


President’s Day & Leadership (2 Great Things)

February 22 was the day George Washington was born. It was originally the day declared for celebration of Presidents but that changed in 1971 when the third Monday in February was designed to be a national federal holiday, President's Day. As HR departments around the country know well, most private businesses do not close for […] Keep Reading


4 Ways to Develop Your Employees (and Your Business)

The recession may be over, but in many markets it’s still a tough uphill battle to succeed. Businesses can’t remain competitive without the combined efforts of a top-notch team. And each team member must be enabled and encouraged to reach his or her maximum potential — not only for the good of the employee, but […] Keep Reading


Super Bowl Sick Outs

Unless you live under a rock, or a bridge, you probably know that this upcoming Sunday, February 5, 2017 is Super Bowl 51. If you are in the HR world, you may be looking forward to watching the commercials and/or the game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. But, to be fair, […] Keep Reading



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