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Uncovering Hidden Talents With Upskilling

Upskilling may be a solution to the talent shortage. HR professionals are often left trying to scrape up new recruits for positions that are challenging to fill with a highly specific set of job requirements. Finding qualified candidates is hard enough when they are being sought for general or entry level positions. But trying to […] Keep Reading


Streamlining Recruiting – Start With Resume Reviews

Strangely enough, in order to streamline the recruiting processes, the first step is resume reviews. Since this can therefore make the process of finding and hiring the right team members go more smoothly as well as more quickly, the onus rests on the shoulders of HR. There are several reasons for this phenomen. First, because […] Keep Reading

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The Case Of The Missing Comma

Unless you live under a rock, in a hut, or without access to electronics and Wi-Fi, you have probably heard of the landmark United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit court decision last week that resulted in over $10 million dollars being awarded to employees in an overtime dispute. Why? Because of a […] Keep Reading


Hiring for Healthcare in 2017- Part Deux

Last week we talked about the challenges facing the healthcare industry for increasing employment in 2017. The fact is that there is a scarcity of qualified personnel, an abundance of need, and because of the constraints of time and money, a complex scenario. The American Sentinel recognizes that nursing is becoming a hot profession, pharmacy […] Keep Reading



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