Five Ways to Reduce Time-to-Hire and Maintain Your Employee Quality

Finding a quality candidate takes time, and the search can be lengthy and frustrating. HR managers are always looking for ways to reduce their time-to-hire while avoiding a drop in personnel quality. The good news is that with a little planning and forethought it is possible to find a great candidate quickly.   Minimize employee […] Keep Reading

The New NCLB: How to Fare Better at a Teacher Job Fair

Every spring thousands of novice and experienced teachers take time away from their student teaching or professional duties to travel to an education job fair sponsored by a local university or large school district. In attendance are recruiters from schools all across the nation, both public and private. These recruiters spend big bucks purchasing fancy […] Keep Reading

How To Hire The Right Summer Intern For Your Company

Hiring summer interns is popular for various reasons. They bring fresh, enthusiastic energy to your business, and they’re hungry for experience in your industry. It can also be a way to source a valuable employee, later down the line. On the other hand, they’re inexperienced, so they’ll require time and guidance from you. They won’t […] Keep Reading

Giving Thanks At Work

Thanksgiving turkey has been turned into leftovers, soups, stews, sandwiches, and a wide assortment of casserole dishes. Holiday decorations and Christmas music abound. And the season of thanks and giving is upon us. For an HR department, what does this mean? Is there a meaningful way to incorporate the spirit of the holiday season into […] Keep Reading


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