Boost Your Business with Automated Interview Scheduling

Does your company struggle with coordinating interviews with candidates and perhaps multiple interviewers? The scheduling process can be taxing, and in many cases, a tedious back-and-forth can actually ruin the candidate experience.

According to Talent Board, 46 percent of candidates withdraw from the recruiting process, because they feel that their time is disrespected during interviews, and 26 percent withdraw, because the process takes too long. Another 20 percent expressed poor rapport or communication with the hiring manager.

Luckily, all of these interview problems could be solved or helped by an automated interview scheduling system. At 40 percent, interview scheduling was the number one recruiting technology investment that employers considered implementing in 2017 and 2018.


Recruitment in an automated world

Recruiters are fairly confident that automation and AI will only make their jobs both easier and more efficient, according to a 2017 Automation Nation report on recruiter perspectives on automation. About 91 percent of surveyed recruiters have either a positive or indifferent attitude towards automation and AI with respect to their own jobs.

And at 72 percent, a strong majority of recruiters believe that their hiring process will evolve as automation and AI become more universal. Automating routine tasks like scheduling will bring about a new future in hiring. About 63 percent of recruiters under the age of 50 — mostly Millennials and Xennials — claimed that the task they would most like to automate is interview scheduling.


What is automated interview scheduling?

Automated interview scheduling allows recruiters and other users to integrate a scheduling technology with their own calendars, removing the hassle of manually entering or coordinating interview times with candidates and other hiring managers or interviewers. Recruiters simply send an interview invite to the candidate, and the candidate can choose any time that the recruiter – or managers, in the case of a panel interview – does not have another meeting, typically allowing for a quicker scheduling and overall interview process.

According to Automation Nation, 54 percent of candidates self-schedule their interview within two hours after receiving automated interview invites, and 84 percent schedule within the first 24 hours. The process removes the tedious back-and-forth emails between the recruiter and candidate, and allows the candidate more flexibility and improves the candidate experience. According to the Pew Research Center, 66 percent of candidates are more comfortable with the help of chatbots in scheduling job interviews.

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