CEO David Wieland on his Vision for RIVS

1. What is your vision for RIVS?  

To maintain a company environment where everyone has a voice and is expected to use it, and where no idea is too crazy.
To continue providing a product/service that helps companies and people in a significant way, is offered at a fair price and still supports profitability.

To ensure our product/service is super functional while being hyper-easy to use, allowing its users to extract the most value.

To build a company that invokes a sense of pride and optimism for everyone involved (including customers).

To build a company that is fanatical about delivering customer service and has a lot of fun doing it.

2. How do you get your employees to buy into the vision?

I’ve never tried to get anyone to buy into any vision on purpose.  I think most people are creative by nature…they are builders, growers, parents, etc.  When provided an opportunity to help build something that has a high likelihood of success, I think it naturally attracts people who are true to their innate ambitions.

3. RIVS had an incredible Q4 and it looks like the success will continue. What will be the biggest hurdle with that growth?

Sustaining our Q4 gains is a hurdle, but our pipeline is extraordinarily healthy and we’ve got some incentives coming up that should help keep the flow of new customers steady.  We’re going to be allocating more resources toward our upstream partners in 2013 as well.