How Digital Interviews Fill The Hard-To-Fill Healthcare Positions

If you work in healthcare recruitment, you understand how important the industry is to our world and the pressure to fill healthcare positions with qualified professionals. Digital interviews, especially one-way digital interviews, can help lighten the load and widen the candidate pool so that recruiting hard-to-fill healthcare positions isn’t a Herculean task. How? By allowing for recruiting when it works for the candidates and the recruiters and not necessarily at the same time.

How Digital Interviews Help To Fill The Hardest To Fill Healthcare Positions

Broad Exposure

Digital interviews allows a recruiter to expand its search beyond the local market readily and easily without having to have a travel allowance. There are places in the country where hiring is less prevalent and being able to reach out and have candidates be able to respond from their home location enables a broader search area. This also applies to international candidates who then can be considered as well. These solutions avoid the issues of time zones, coordination of multiple schedules, and the expenses of travel for a job assessment in the early stages.

Easy Skills Assessments

Being in healthcare means having to communicate –with patients, families, other doctors, and other professionals. These “soft” skills may be referenced in a candidate’s resume or CV but only with digital interviews can they genuinely be tested and evaluated.


With the long hours healthcare professionals are already working, in addition to privacy concerns, it is almost impossible for working candidates to be able to interview during the day for a new job. Digital interviews allow them to schedule and complete an interview at their convenience, away from the healthcare environment, when they can.

What it all boils down to is this. With certain healthcare professions becoming less appealing due to average salaries, increased responsibilities, and decreased availability of candidates, there is a need to expand the candidacy pool to include as many qualified people as possible. Digital interviews allow a recruiter or hiring professional to not only increase the number of candidates considered but to do so in a way that is efficient and does not impinge on their professional responsibilities.

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