Engagement, Company Culture, Millennials, Oh my!


When you’re finished spending the better part of your morning on the RIVS site, take a look around at other talent management and recruitment sites. You’re going to find three things very much in common… engagement, company culture, and millennials are keywords being talked about heavily throughout the industry.

Those not entrenched in the world of talent management and recruitment might think all of these sites are just content farms trying to out-SEO one another. That, I assure you, is not the case, though a little SEO never hurt anybody. So, why have these three keywords been the center of this industry for so long now?

Because they matter to a company’s bottom line and that can’t be understated. When you’re talking about profit/loss and net revenue, the attention of decision-makers is being piqued. That’s when things get done. That’s when change happens.

Recruiters should know that millennials carry a lot of weight for the future of businesses and the economy. It’s estimated that by 2020 millennials will make up 50% of the workforce and 75% by 2025. Companies building for their future need to be thinking about these kinds of things now if they want to scoop up the best talent and keep them around.

Which brings us to company culture. There may be no greater moral boost – not even a cash bonus – than providing a positive, inspiring and efficient workplace. Building company culture means taking a hard look at what you want your company to be and finding the right pieces to make it happen. It’s one of the hardest puzzles to solve as a business owner. But, it’s one of the most important.

And in order to build that company culture, you must have employees that are engaged in the company mission and their jobs. There is no question that engagement is the buzzword that never goes away in this industry. That’s because it can’t. The second your employees aren’t engaged in your company’s mission, you’re losing them. Maybe not that day, but as time goes on their work ethic will start to decrease and their investment in their job will peter out.

There are times when seeing the same topics on different websites and blogs may seem like that song that gets overplayed on the radio. You used to like it, but now you’ve heard it too many times. In the case of engagement, company culture and millennials, their impact is just too high to stop listening.


Image used under Creative Commons from Bruno Cordioli.