Getting It Done In December: How HR and Recruiters Can Succeed During the Holidays

It would be easy to spend the next month in denial of the fact that it’s already December and that another year has slipped past you. With the distraction of the holidays and that scramble to finish the goals you set at work, this month is a last-ditch effort to come out on top. So will you stick to the myth that nothing gets done during the holidays or will you read on and find out how to seize the next 30 days?

The Holiday Hiring Myth

December is often a quiet month for recruitment and hiring. Employees are distracted with end-of-year deadlines and personal travel. With everyone in and out of the office, interviews are impossible to set (although there are digital interviewing platforms that help during the holiday season). Most people will argue that it’s just easier to put it off until January, when everyone is back in the office and in the right mindset. If the company budget ends with the fiscal year, avoiding new hires is also a quick way to save money. But The Ladders jobsite argues that holiday hiring slowdowns are just a myth. With those very same end-of-year deadlines, hiring managers are actually compelled to fill the slots that eluded them. Not to mention that many budgets have to meet their projections or else risk losing that money on next year’s budget. Also consider that every single company will be having a holiday party. This is a perfect opportunity to network with colleagues and clients; to remind them of your values and what you’ve accomplished this year, with the cheer of the holiday season working in your favor.

 Recruiting During December

December is a great month for recruiters as well. With larger organizations distracted by the holidays, recruiters can use this time to reach out to candidates they’d otherwise be competing for. The passive candidates who would be too busy and rejecting your calls might be more available. The spirit of giving during the holidays may even encourage those candidates to listen closely to what you have to say, as opposed to any other month where their workloads would keep them from returning your calls. In spite of it being a write off month, top performers will still be working just as hard. Those are the people you’ll want to recruit and they’ll be likely to seek out opportunities, especially if they feel disengaged during the holiday slowdown. Also, candidates should have an easier time of setting up interviews, seeing as unscheduled time off won’t be too difficult to manage. With everyone taking time off to visit families, do some Christmas shopping, or attend holiday functions, no one will bat an eye at your afternoon coffee date or short road trip (aka job interview).

Using the Month to Plan Ahead

With all this potential free time, it’d be foolish to spend it all on decorating and shopping. Recruiters, HR Managers, and candidates alike can use this time to figure out what they want to accomplish in the next year. Everyone should up their technology game, taking the time to strategize social media tech and figure out how to best use it in the recruiting process. HR can also refine its employer brand and corporate culture, to make sure that next year’s hires are all top talent. With that investment, recruiters will spend less time trying to fill the skills gaps and long-term unfilled positions that would otherwise plague an organization.

With the assumption that December is a black hole for hiring, your competitors will be taking the month off but you’ll be the one who stands out. Not only will you tackle your end-of-year goals, you might even start working on your plans for 2015. So if you want to go out on top (rather than end up with a massive list of New Year’s resolutions) here’s to getting it all done in December.

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Image used under Creative Commons by AJC1