Have you created your Super Recruiter?

When Stan Lee passed away this past November he left behind a larger than life legacy. Co-creating some of the greatest superheroes from The Hulk to the Fantastic Four. These heroes and his vision for characters blasted Marvel into another universe to sit at the top of the Comic Book Industry.

For too long the way businesses hire has become stale. Receiving the application from candidates, phone screening, and so-on and so-on.

Businesses need to find their inner Stan Lee and start creating the Super Recruiters that will take them to another dimension!


Come to your Spidey-Sense

The first step in creating a Super Recruiter is realizing that there might be a better way to find candidates. We all believe that what we do is right until WE find it. We are all built this way, but once you allow the possibility of another way the avenues of finding the perfect candidate widen.


Now you need your Superpower

Now that you figured that you need a new way in recruiting you to have to find that certain power or gadget that you can use a tool in getting the best candidates. But, it can’t be just any tool, it has to be a tool that you know will never fail you when you need it most.

And why not a tool that has multiple powers? Like Thor’s Hammer, you need a tool that can help you find the top talents, make your hiring process easier, and why not save the damsel-in-distress (money)?


It’s time you create your Super Recruiters. It’s time to save a lot of days!

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