How Automated Scheduling Helps Save Recruiters Time

Coordinating schedules is a huge pain point for recruiters. Recruiters often spend several hours per week simply coordinating interview schedules between candidates, hiring managers and other interviewers. This waste of time can mean lost candidate opportunities and a loss of ROI for your organization.


The disadvantages of manual scheduling

Candidate interview scheduling is a crucial component of the interview and hiring process. That being said, manual scheduling is a major pain point for recruiters for a number of reasons.

A tedious manual scheduling system causes logistical issues for recruiters and tends to give candidates a poor first impression of the company, according to SHRM. Manual scheduling tends to lead to delays due to constant back-and-forth emails and candidates’ and hiring managers’ evolving schedules.

This juggling of schedules is difficult for candidates and recruiters alike. Interviews often cancel or reschedule, causing the need for recruiters to step in and find last minute replacements, so that candidates do not have a negative experience.

As expected, this manual process is prone to errors, especially when recruiters are handling a high volume of candidates and positions. Just one typo or lack of attention to time zones, for example, can cause an interviewer or candidate to miss the interview entirely.


The benefits of automated scheduling

Luckily, automated scheduling is an easy solution that streamlines the laborious aspects of the scheduling process. Interview scheduling software helps eliminate the tedious back-and-forth emails and phone calls and frees up more time where it really matters to find and better engage with candidates.

Such solutions lead to increased recruiter efficiency and productivity, reduced time to fill positions and an overall enhanced candidate experience. Candidates can self-schedule or even reschedule interviews from any device.

According to an Automation Nation report, 63 percent of recruiters under the age of 50 commented that the task they would most like to automate is interview scheduling. The report also revealed that 54 percent of candidates self-schedule their interview within two hours after receiving an invite, and 84 percent schedule within the first 24 hours.

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