How Live Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Save on Travel Costs

About 47 percent of companies use video interviews to reduce time-to-hire and 22 percent comment that they use video interviews to enable them to reach candidates from around the globe, according to a Workforce survey of over 500 companies.

Live video interviews enable recruiters and hiring managers to both reduce the monetary and time-based travel costs and limit the geographical discrimination associated with in-person interviews. With live video interviewing technology, managers can easily interview candidates at any time, regardless of geographical location, from any computer, mobile device or tablet and record the live interaction to share with other hiring managers.

The technology also offers more flexibility and better hiring experience for candidates, who can interview anytime from anywhere in the world. According to a survey conducted by CareerArc, nearly 60 percent of job seekers have a poor interview experience, and 72 percent of them share their experience on an online platform. Anything that can improve the interview experience helps both the candidate and the company.

With live video interviews, both recruiters and candidates avoid the travel costs, including time and money, associated with in-person interviews. Live video interviews tend to save companies about 30 percent or more in travel costs. This technology offers companies an efficient way to pre-screen candidates during engaging real-time video interviews while cutting down on the inefficiency of phone screenings and reducing or even eliminating time-consuming in-person meetings.

Live video interviews also remove geographical and financial discrimination, making it possible to interview candidates from around the globe and saving money for both the organization and candidates. Candidates applying from another town or even abroad have the same experience and opportunity as local candidates. And no one has to leave the comfort of their home to apply or video interview.

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