How RIVS Live Compares to Other Video Interview Solutions

When considering different video interviewing solutions, it’s important to determine how you will be using the software.

For example, would you like multiple hiring managers on one live video interview at a time? Would you like the opportunity to rate and score candidates in the platform during the live video interview? Do you want to be able to easily record your interviews and share with other hiring managers? Furthermore, would you like to be able to customize the live video interview platform to promote your brand? It’s crucial to find one simple interface that accommodates all of these concerns.

Luckily, RIVS Live offers a number of innovative features, from browser-based technology to a simple rating system to the ability to integrate with your ATS. Our technology enables collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters, a decrease in time-to-hire and a reduction in time and money spent on travel costs.

You might be wondering, how does RIVS compare to Skype? RIVS offers a myriad of capabilities that simply aren’t available on the Skype platform:

  • Multiple interviewers: While Skype allows for just one-on-one interaction, RIVS Live enables panel interviews and offers recruiters up to five seats in one live video interview, which can be allocated to recruiters, hiring managers or candidates. RIVS also allows for an unlimited number of observers to watch the live video interview in real time.
  • Support: Reaching support professionals in the Skype platform in a timely manner is nearly impossible, but RIVS Live offers 24/7 candidate support, as well as amazing client support during weekday business hours.
  • Recruiting tool: Furthermore, while Skype was built as a social platform, RIVS Live was built as a recruiting tool. Recruiters can easily rate candidates and share information with other hiring managers and decision makers. RIVS also creates candidate profiles with all candidate information and interviews.
  • Branding: Skype promotes its own logos and branding, while RIVS allows clients to promote their company brand through the platform during interviews. Candidates see the company brand, information and logo throughout the interview process, from the waiting room to the actual interview.

Interested in saving time and money and improving your candidate experience with RIVS Live? Schedule time with a customer success manager today!