How to Appear Confident During Your First Video Interview?

Interviews can be scary and stressful. No one likes to be under that sort of a spotlight, with people trying to estimate whether or not you’re good enough for them. However, interviews are an essential part of the employment process, and we all have to go through them at some point. This is why it’s important for you to learn how to handle job interviews, including video interviews.

Video interviews are conveyed via RIVS or some other type of video call app. However, even though you’re not exactly meeting the interviewer in person, you still need to prepare thoroughly in order to kill it. So, if you’re freaking out only for thinking about your video interview, we’ve got your back.

Here’s everything you need to know in order to power through a video interview.


Dress to Impress

Let’s start with the basics.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you look good. By that, we don’t mean looking stunning and gorgeous.

What we do mean is that you need to look highly professional. To achieve this look, you need to pay attention to what you’re wearing.

The best choice is definitely a neat long-sleeved shirt, which is the ultimate professional look. In addition, make sure you’re wearing a suitable matching skirt or pant as well. You never know what might happen during an interview and when you may be asked to stand up.

In addition, ensure that your hair and makeup are subtle but spotless as well.

“The way you look isn’t supposed to just make your interviewer impressed. It will also boost your confidence and make you feel good in your own skin” says Mariah Pearson, the editor at Top Essay Writing.


Calm Your Nerves

Easier said than done, we know it.

However, calming your nerves is necessary not only for appearing confident but for giving the right answers and ending the interview successfully as well.

Therefore, you need to focus on:

  • not fidgeting
  • keeping your hands still
  • not changing your positioning too much

If you start to play with your pen or you continue crossing your fingers throughout your interview, you’ll end up making you and your interviewers nervous.

The best thing you can do to calm yourself and remove all the nervous energy is to take a couple of deep breaths before the interview and maintain regular breathing for as long as you can.

Keep your hands in one place and focus on positive, encouraging thoughts.

Eye Contact

When things get scary, we tend to look away.

Well, you can’t do that on your video interview.

Remember, your task is to leave a great first impression on the person on the other side of the screen. Therefore, you have to acknowledge the presence of your interviewer and make them feel appreciated as well.

Eye contact is definitely something you need to focus on in order to appear confident. Focus on the person you’re talking to and don’t look away unless you have to.

However, there’s one important thing we need to make clear: when you’re looking at the face of the other person on your screen, to them it may appear as if you’re looking away.

Therefore, try looking directly at the camera to create a real eye contact moment. You can minimize the video image of the other person and move it closer to the corner of the screen where your camera is That way you can see their reactions and still maintain eye contact.


In order to appear even more confident during a video interview, you need to pay attention to the way you’re sitting or standing.

Everything about you needs to be saying: “I’ve got this!” Therefore, make sure that you’re sitting up straight, with your head held high so your face is showing properly.

Bear in mind that bent back or you sitting back comfortably in your chair will only make you seem either uninterested or completely lacking confidence. Either way,  this type of body language is bad.

A Pleasant Smile

It’s very important that you realize your interview doesn’t only depend on what you say. It also depends on the way you make the other person feel talking to you and the impression you make on them.

This is why it’s important that you smile to the person on the other side of the screen.

This smile should be far from a grin or a fake picture-smile. Think of it as a mild but notable expression on your face, which shows you feel happy about what you’re hearing as well as confident in your own skin.

In addition, make sure you don’t overdo it. Smiling too much, especially if there’s no reason, might be a bit creepy for the person you’re talking to.

Make Pauses

When our nerves kick in, so many of us tend to ramble uncontrollably and say things which don’t make that much sense.

Rambling will get you nowhere, especially when it comes to a job interview. In order to avoid sounding like a crazy person or showing just how incredibly nervous you are, you need to be able to control it.

If it happens that you start rambling, there’s no other way of stopping it but to pause completely. You should:

  • stop talking
  • take a deep breath
  • take a sip of water
  • tell yourself to calm down
  • continue speaking normally

A pause is not a bad thing and it gives you the time to get yourself together. It’s certainly much better than saying things you don’t want to or speaking in a squeaky, nervous tone of voice.


Additional Pre-Interview Preparations

The best thing you can do for yourself in order to appear confident is to actually feel confident.

And nothing makes a person more confident than knowing he did everything he could to make everything perfect.

Therefore, there’s a couple of things you should do before the interview to ensure you feel ready and confident to nail it:


  • write a killer CV 


A good CV is definitely a requirement. Make sure it’s written clearly and impeccably, to avoid unpleasant questions during the interview. If you think this might be too much for you, check out this list where you can find the best writing service to help you handle it.



  • practice


A friend or a family member can act out as the interviewer and ask you all types of questions which pop to their mind. Your task is to answer all of them, the best you can in order to be ready for when the actual interview moment arrives.



  • write notes


Some people feel more confident knowing there’s a plan B in case they forget what to say or get confused. You can write little notes to yourself and tape them to the wall behind the camera. This way you’ll know you’ve got everything under control.


Final Thoughts

First impressions are crucial in so many cases, and especially when it comes to job interviews. This is exactly why you have to do everything that’s in your power to appear well-prepared and confident during the first video interview.

Therefore, make sure to use the advice we’ve given you above. Show that you’re professional, respectful and certain that you’re the man for the job. Use body language and manners to help you win the job conceal your insecurities.

Author’s bio.
Daniela McVicker is a career coach and a contributor to Grabmyessay. She’s also a business communication coach, helping future job applicants to write business emails to help them achieve success on their career paths.