How to Recruit Top Talent for the New School Year

How is your school district ensuring that the best teacher candidates are hired more quickly? Just one bad hire can cost a district up to 2.5 times the teacher’s salary after recruiting, replacement and onboarding expenses.

In the midst of the teacher deficit, where eight percent of teachers are leaving each year to pursue other careers, it is crucial to push candidates through the funnel more quickly to make sure that your district hires the best teachers before competing districts steal them.

Wondering how exactly you can push teaching candidates through the interview process faster? Interviewing software can help school districts save time and money and hire teachers more quickly:

  • Schedule interviews faster: If you and your recruiters spend hours just on the tedious back-and-forth emails and calls to schedule interviews with teachers, consider automated interview scheduling, which allows you to eliminate those tedious emails and simply send automated invites that link with your own calendar. Candidates can then choose a time when both of you are available.
  • Complete interviews faster: Consider pre-recorded one-way interviews, which allow candidates to complete interviews with pre-recorded video, vocal or written questions and responses on their own time. According to LinkedIn, a principal can review 100 one-way video interviews in the same amount of time it takes to complete 15 phone screen interviews. The information gleaned from digital interviews typically reduces the average time recruiters spend reviewing applications from five hours to two hours per candidate.
  • Save on travel costs: In addition to pre-recorded one-way interviews, you can utilize live two-way video interviews and interview teachers from other districts, states or even countries, while saving time and money on the travel costs associated with bringing candidates in for in-person interviews. Live two-way interviews allow you to better gauge candidates’ body language and personality than simple phone interviews.
  • Hire faster than competitors: With interviewing software, school districts and principals can screen and identify top talent in a more timely manner and offer jobs to the best teachers before competing districts even complete their interviewing process.

Interested in learning more about how interviewing software can help you recruit and hire top talent faster? Book a RIVS demo today to learn more about how RIVS AutoScheduler, One-Way and Live can help your school district!