New Year’s Technology Meal

It’s that time of year where we start coming up with our New Year’s Resolutions and we set it off with the famous New Year’s Day Meal. The New Year’s Day Meal is more of a superstitious meal that is supposed to bring you wealth and good fortune, and why do you want to tempt fate.

Recruiters and hiring managers are needing the great fortune in finding that perfect candidate. So, we here at RIVS have decided to create your New Year’s Technology Meal!

First, we will start you off with the meat of this meal, RIVS One-Way Interview. We’re giving you RIVS One-Way Interview because it reminds us of pork in the New Year’s Day Meal which symbolizes moving forward. Recruiters know that they have to move forward to keep up with their candidates and nothing says that more than RIVS One-Way Interview. The RIVS One-Way Interview allows candidates to take interviews on their own time and for recruiters to review at any time they choose.

For our side, we are going to give you some collard greens or also known as RIVS Live Interview. Collard greens or any leafy vegetable represents money. RIVS Live Interview is the perfect representation for this because it saves recruiters money. It can be costly to conduct multiple in-person interviews. RIVS Live Interview lets you meet anytime, anywhere, while saving you money.

Now for the final piece of this tech meal, dessert. Dessert symbolizes luck in the traditional New Year’s Day Meal. You needed a little luck on your side when contacting a candidate for an interview. Whether it be by phone or email, it always takes time to find that perfect meeting time. RIVS AutoScheduler lets candidates choose a time to meet with recruiters based on the recruiter’s availability. So really you don’t even need luck when scheduling with candidates anymore. Just enjoy the cake!

Stick with your recruiting resolution in finding that perfect candidate and start it off with your RIVS New Year’s Technology Meal.

Happy New Years!