How Interviewing Software Saves School Districts Time and Money

School district recruiters know that they need to make every second — and cent — count when it comes to hiring new teachers, especially when the district’s budget is tight. Just one bad hire can cost a district up to 2.5 times the teacher’s salary after recruiting, replacement and onboarding expenses. Interviewing software helps school […] Keep Reading

Reduce Travel Costs with RIVS Live

How much do you and your hiring team currently spend on travel costs to bring in remote candidates for in-person interviews? One RIVS Live Video Interviews client Cigna saw travel savings of $2 million in one year alone and reduced their time-to-hire significantly for 90 percent of their positions. “Our team succeeded in meeting hiring […] Keep Reading

How RIVS Live Compares to Other Video Interview Solutions

When considering different video interviewing solutions, it’s important to determine how you will be using the software. For example, would you like multiple hiring managers on one live video interview at a time? Would you like the opportunity to rate and score candidates in the platform during the live video interview? Do you want to […] Keep Reading

How Live Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Save on Travel Costs

About 47 percent of companies use video interviews to reduce time-to-hire and 22 percent comment that they use video interviews to enable them to reach candidates from around the globe, according to a Workforce survey of over 500 companies. Live video interviews enable recruiters and hiring managers to both reduce the monetary and time-based travel […] Keep Reading


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