How to Appear Confident During Your First Video Interview?

Interviews can be scary and stressful. No one likes to be under that sort of a spotlight, with people trying to estimate whether or not you’re good enough for them. However, interviews are an essential part of the employment process, and we all have to go through them at some point. This is why it’s […] Keep Reading

RIVS Reduces Time-to-Hire and Expands Applicant Pools for School Districts

In the face of the teacher deficit, school districts are looking for more ways to save time and money. Recruiting technology, like RIVS, is an excellent way to decrease your average time-to-hire and save hundreds of hours, as well as money, on phone screens, scheduling interviews and in-person interviews. “RIVS helps us be more efficient […] Keep Reading

How to Revamp District Recruiting When 8 Percent of Teachers Are Leaving Annually

The teacher deficit is a major pain point for school districts all across the United States. Back in 1975, a whopping 22 percent of all college students devoted their studies to education, a higher share than any other major, but by 2015, less than one in 10 American college and university students majored in education, […] Keep Reading

How Interviewing Software Saves School Districts Time and Money

School district recruiters know that they need to make every second — and cent — count when it comes to hiring new teachers, especially when the district’s budget is tight. Just one bad hire can cost a district up to 2.5 times the teacher’s salary after recruiting, replacement and onboarding expenses. Interviewing software helps school […] Keep Reading


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