Releasing Your Inner Job Stalker

The idea of stalking carries its own heavy impressions, but think of all the brilliant things you’ve discovered through that dedicated research. We’re not just talking about exes, celebrity sightings or casually bumping into that gorgeous neighbor every week. Stalking doesn’t have to exist solely behind the late-night glow of your laptop. Have you ever considered transferring those alarmingly good “face-insta-blog-stalking” skills to help you on your job hunt?

Follow Their Trail

A company website is the perfect place to start. More than likely the company will have an employment page where you can find current job openings. Poke around and see what their mission statement is and see what kind of products they put out in to the world. Check out the About Us section and peruse the Site Map (you never know what you may have missed). The same goes for a company’s social media sites – you’ll see the jobs as soon as they’re listed, right at the source, rather than scanning hundreds of listings on a job site. Also keep up with the company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr, so that you know what big news the company is making and what initiatives they may be working on.

Continue the Pursuit

If you research the HR department, you can use that information to make an impression. A few clicks around LinkedIn and Facebook can offer some potential conversation topics for the interview. Steer clear of creepy mentions of recent cruises and birthday parties, but look for professional segues: did they work for a previous employer you know? Did you attend college in the same town or do you have any connections in common? You want to relate with your interviewer, so they’re more invested in your responses and eager to make you a part of their team. Also, don’t forget to seek out people who currently work for the company or previously held a position. See what their qualifications are and what it is the company may be looking for in a new applicant.

Never Stop Stalking

If you don’t hear back right away, don’t let it crush your stalker spirit. Even though it seems like a company is eager to hire you, sometimes it just takes time. You know to send follow up emails, but make them short and sweet. Ask the right questions so that you can expect an honest response about the position. Also, keep an eye on the jobs pages and the company’s website to see if they’re still hiring.

Adding “stalking” to your endorsed skills isn’t what we’re advocating, but there are a few advantages to doing as much online research as possible. If you’re not getting a job out of it, you might meet the right people who can help you break in to the industry. While typical stalkers usually hide behind the shadows, as a modern-day job stalker you’ll want to make sure you’re highly visible. Review your online presence and make sure you yourself are stalker-worthy.

Wouldn’t you love the tables turned, having the company checking up on your portfolio and accomplishments?

Image used under Creative Commons from Franklin Yeep.