Social Media Technology for Hiring the Masses

You’ve heard that social media technology is the recruiting tool of the future? Well actually, it’s the very here and now of recruiting. With candidate quality improving 44% over those using only traditional recruiting techniques, social media technology is affording companies a better glimpse of whom they’re hiring. Not only that, social media is also helping to hire better applicants, and more of them, faster. With important organizational needs like cultural fit and employee retention, social media is the conduit for companies planning to expand in 2015.

Social Media for the Job Seeker

As a job seeker, social media can do some legwork on your behalf. While a resume can highlight your talents, there is the fact that a) it shouldn’t be longer than a page and therefore can’t tell the whole story, b) most people embellish their resumes, and c) it’s usually one in a pile of hundreds. A social media profile has the power to show your involvement in the industry as well as a spectrum of interests outside your day job. It also shows hiring managers how you lead and interact with others on a daily basis. According to the Jobvite 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 55% of recruiters have reconsidered an applicant, based on what they saw on social media profiles. So if you’re hidden behind security settings or you just haven’t gotten in to the whole #socialmedia thing yet, the odds could be against you.

CEOs on Social Media

Social media technology should be a priority at every level of an organization, but 68% of CEOs have no social media presence on major networks. On LinkedIn, some CEOs are top influencers and there’s no doubt you’ve seen one of their news posts about organizational attitudes. While they can’t all be Tim Cooks or Mark Zuckerbergs, an online presence can help drive the values of a company. CEOs shape their organization from within, but those with a social media presence also have the power to shape their organization’s public image. With a real face and personality attached to a giant company, CEOs can build their relationships with the public, the media, and their very own employees.

Recruiters Can Socialize Too

While many recruiters use social media technology in their jobs, few of them profess to be experts at it. Much of their social media tech extends to contacting potential hires and forwarding resumes to hiring managers. But for the social media savvy, it’s a perfect opportunity to post jobs that are increasingly harder to fill. Recruiters can cast a wide talent net with one tweet or Facebook post and then use those very social media channels to filter applicants. Passive candidates may catch a job posting they’d otherwise not seek out and that social media connection could help a recruiter scoop up a new hire. Not only can recruiters build relationships with candidates, they can build up their own social media presence and make a name for themselves in the recruiting world.

There aren’t too many hard and fast rules for social media technology yet, so we’re all learning it as it comes. A multi-channel approach is a necessity for our digital age, so the first step is having a presence (and maintaining it). Being ahead of the social media curve will help you find and retain top talent and develop your company culture.

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Image used under Creative Commons by Sean MacEntee