Streamlining Recruiting – Start With Resume Reviews

Strangely enough, in order to streamline the recruiting processes, the first step is resume reviews. Since this can therefore make the process of finding and hiring the right team members go more smoothly as well as more quickly, the onus rests on the shoulders of HR. There are several reasons for this phenomen. First, because in most organizations, it is the HR operation that “owns” the recruiting process. Second, because in many companies, HR works collaboratively with department heads to identify needs, both present and future. (hint: waiting until a job needs to be done in order to hire for it is a recipe for unbridled disaster)

So, what can HR do to help move things along and streamline the process? Here are a few hints courtesy of The Balance in a couple of their recent articles:

  1. Define your job needs. Clearly, carefully, and completely. This  means if you need a specific background or education or skillset in order to be successful in the job, those are listed. In detail. As mandatory. Job seekers not holding these qualifications should not feel they are in fact eligible for the position. A strong job position posting needs to include the following:
    1. Job Title – this conveys an appropriate level of management as well as location information and whether the job is full-time, part-time, flexible, etc.
    2. Job Duties-  this is where the “day in the life” story of the desired job comes in. A reader should be able to grasp what their daily responsibilities will entail without being overwhelmed with minutiae.
    3. Job Requirements – this can be defined in terms of skills, experience, background, certifications, education, and salary ranges. These should be clear enough that a candidate could easily deicde for him/herself if they are willing to live with the job and whether they are appropriately experienced for it.
    4. Application Steps- these can range from requiring a cover letter and resume be mailed to a specific person (which is perhaps the longer way to manage it) to using a streamlined digital recruitment solution that has the capacity to weed out unqualified applications.
  1. Read the resumes and cover letters submitted. An applicant who goes to the time and trouble of providing you with materials that you can use to gauge his or her usefulness deserves at a minimum the effort required to read them. Now, this doesn’t mean that an applicant with a 5-page CV or resume deserves a ton of your time or that resumes for leadership positions from peple with no management experience deserve to be considered at all. Instead, what can often help here is either a digitalized solution that can review and only select those with appropriate qualifications or a complete resume review by a qualified HR professional. Thorough resume reviews are only warranted for credible candidates. In addition, if a cover letter is provided, it should be read and assessed for its direct responsiveness to a job ad. Sometimes the cover letter alone can and should be the reason a candidate is considered for or excluded from a potential job.