Study: Two Thirds of HR Managers Using Video Interviews

The term “war for talent” may have been coined back in the dot-com bubble days, but it remains every bit as relevant today. With companies duking it out for top talent and specialized skills, it’s important to know what your competition is doing to lure in the best candidates.

One practice that is becoming increasingly common among hiring professionals is video interviewing. The technology lets companies review more candidates for less money, and as the statistics below reflect, it’s becoming more accessible than ever.

An August 2012 survey from staffing service Office Team asked over 500 HR managers about their use of video interviews. Results show that 66.7% use video interviews “very often” and another 10% use the technology “somewhat often.” Meanwhile, one quarter of of hiring professionals are not yet screening candidates via video.

Video Interview Stats

Peering into the future, most HR managers plan to continue what they are currently doing in terms of video interviews. When asked whether their company will conduct more of fewer job interviews via video in the next three years, 85% answered, “no change.” Another 12% said they planned to conduct “somewhat more” video interviews.

Whether through work or leisure, most hiring professionals are already familiar with video as a means for communication.¬†According to a study by Sarah White and Associates, outside of work 78% of recruiters and 90% of hiring managers already have experience with a video chatting platform like Skype, Google Talk or Face Time. That being said,¬†78% total said that they would be “equally or more comfortable with a video interview.”

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