The Convenience of Integrating Recruiting Software With Your ATS

In today’s hectic recruiting atmosphere, it’s crucial to have interviewing software that works for you and your hiring team’s needs.

About 75 percent of recruiters and hiring managers use some kind of recruiting or applicant tracking software when hiring, according to a recent report by Capterra. Among the top applicant tracking systems are Taleo with nearly a fifth (19.11%) of the market, iCIMS (7.35%) and SAP SuccessFactors (4.17%), a recent Ongig report showed.

The Capterra report also revealed that of the recruiters who do use software, the large majority — 94 percent, to be exact — claim that it has greatly improved their recruiting process.

If you are one of the three in four recruiters using hiring software, why not integrate your recruiting software with your ATS? The convenience of having all of your hiring software in one simple system would tremendously benefit your recruiting process.


The benefits of integrating hiring software with your ATS

There are myriad benefits to integrating your recruiting software with your applicant tracking system, including:

  • No more back and forth: Stop the copying and pasting from one system to the next. Rather than moving back and forth between your ATS and your recruiting software, enjoy the convenience of having all of your information and features together in one system.
  • One-click invites: You can easily click a button in your ATS to process a background check or email candidates about video interviews or submitting their references.
  • Real-time status updates: From video interviewing to background checks, you can track exactly where a candidate is in the process in your ATS in real time, even if their current step involves a third party.
  • Easily share information: Integrating your third-party system with your ATS means that all of your data is in one spot. This cohesiveness becomes even more valuable when you need to share records with another hiring manager or recruiter.
  • Centralized reporting: When your systems are integrated, all candidate reporting is done in your ATS, so you no longer need to look at multiple platforms to report on your candidates’ interviews or background checks.


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