Uncovering Hidden Talents With Upskilling

Upskilling may be a solution to the talent shortage. HR professionals are often left trying to scrape up new recruits for positions that are challenging to fill with a highly specific set of job requirements. Finding qualified candidates is hard enough when they are being sought for general or entry level positions. But trying to find a highly skilled applicant for a highly specific role is a little bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is certainly possible that there is one in that mess of resumes and applications, but finding it may be more difficult than anyone had anticipated.

But what if there was a solution that allowed you to not only find qualified candidates who were a good fit for your company, but to find ones who had already demonstrated a commitment and dedication to its success? How is such a thing possible? Welcome to the world of upskilling. According to Sales Initiative, upskilling is the easiest and best way to train today’s workers into tomorrow’s leaders while allowing them to build credibility and trust with their peers.   Upskilling is the dedicated training of existing workers to allow them to build and develop the skills needed for them to take on greater responsibility. Why is this such a good thing?

  • It shows that the company is committed to not only bringing people on board but keeping them there. If they are going to invest in their people, their people are likely to stay with them longer.
  • While there may be costs associated with staff training and development, the improvements likely seen in increased productivity and efficiency far outweigh those investments.
  • People are more likely to stay where they are wanted, valued, appreciated, and allowed to grow.
  • It is easier and more profitable to keep the investment already made in employees than to have to reinvest in new ones, especially as higher level employees eventually retire.

Even Facebook has gotten into the act according to ComputerWeekly.com with a commitment to support the training in online digital skills for women in the hopes of encouraging more women to start their own businesses. With the right skillset, however, many of these women might be far more valuable as members of the corporate world. All they need is some training and an opportunity.

Given the low unemployment rate, have you and your company given enough consideration to the possibility of upskilling your workforce?