From Flipped Classroom to Flipped HR Office

Written by Greg Dietz, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel at Maine Township High School District 207 A relatively new method of teaching calls for turning the classroom upside down by reversing the typical order of the delivery of instruction. Stealing a page from the playbook of teachers, human resource professionals in the educational setting are “flipping” […] Keep Reading

How Video Interviews Advance Higher Education Recruitment

Video interviews have become an important part of higher education recruitment strategies for schools as big as Brigham Young University (30k enrollment) and for medium to smaller sized universities like Colorado Christian University (6k enrollment). Why you ask? We’ve laid it out here: How Video Interviews Advance Higher Education Recruitment In video interviews, candidates come to life. They […] Keep Reading

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3 Strategies for Recruiting Teachers this Summer

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner which means that it’s prime time for recruiting teachers to fill your districts for the new school year . If you’re like most school districts, these next few months will be filled with job fairs, recruiting events, and phone screens, for recruiting teachers and other certified staff […] Keep Reading

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What to Look For When Screening Substitute Teachers

Do you remember your first day in the district? The student’s, the procedures, the interactions, your co-workers, everything was new. Eventually however, you became accustomed to a routine. One that would get you through the day, and guide you through the school year. Substitute teachers never get to experience the convenience of a routine. Their […] Keep Reading

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