Prepare Students for the Interview and Negotiation with RIVS Interview Prep

It’s crucial that students are prepared for the interview process. Career Services centers can help students with a number of aspects of the interview process, including practicing potential interview questions, knowing the position and company inside and out and perfecting their body movements and oral presentation. RIVS Interview Prep enables Career Services to help hundreds […] Keep Reading

Helping Students Perfect Their Resumes

Colleges and universities Career Services centers provide a diverse range of services to help students or even alumni meet the goals of pursuing careers after graduating. Clearly, the first job out of college is an important one, since it determines salary and where people will be in their careers years down the road. But how […] Keep Reading

How Career Services Helps Students Pursue Careers After Graduating

It’s crucial for college students to be strategic about the first job they take after graduating. Over 40 percent of college students take jobs that don’t require a degree, according to CNBC, and taking such a job can have a serious impact on the rest of their careers. Those who take a job that doesn’t […] Keep Reading

How to Recruit Top Talent for the New School Year

How is your school district ensuring that the best teacher candidates are hired more quickly? Just one bad hire can cost a district up to 2.5 times the teacher’s salary after recruiting, replacement and onboarding expenses. In the midst of the teacher deficit, where eight percent of teachers are leaving each year to pursue other […] Keep Reading


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