From Flipped Classroom to Flipped HR Office

Written by Greg Dietz, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel at Maine Township High School District 207

A relatively new method of teaching calls for turning the classroom upside down by reversing the typical order of the delivery of instruction. Stealing a page from the playbook of teachers, human resource professionals in the educational setting are “flipping” the hiring process to hire faster and smarter!

Traditionally, school administrators and HR staff post an open position on their district website and usually on some type of electronic job board like K-12 JobSpot. Depending on the position being posted, applications pour in from all over the country, as just one Social Science teaching vacancy can attract a few hundred job seekers. With these online applications come uploaded documents like cover letters, resumes, transcripts, state licenses and several letters of recommendation.

The task of finding the best applicants to interview is akin to finding a needle in an entire field of hay not just one haystack! The “flipped HR Office” helps hiring agents shrink the hay field down to a few small bundles in search of that needle! Through the use of their smartphone or webcam-equipped device, job seekers can record their responses to scripted interview questions using a digital interviewing platform like RIVS. School district hiring agents can then view the applicant’s responses and decide whether or not the applicant’s credentials should be examined further. Only after viewing an applicant’s responses to the digital interview questions does the hiring agent spend any time reviewing the information contained within the online application. In this “flipped” environment, the interview is conducted first, but in a digital fashion. Hiring agents literally have 24-7 access to view the interviews as they are completed. After viewing the interviews and scoring the applicants’ responses, hiring agents can winnow down their list of applicants to do a deeper dive into their online applications and credentials.

If you are interested in saving time and money, while helping to ensure you select the best employees for your organization, contact the professionals at RIVS to see how they can help you stop flipping out and start flipping in better employees!

Greg Dietz is the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources in Maine Township High School District 207 and is a RIVS client. Greg knew he could not justify hiring more staff to help cull through the thousands of job applications his school district receives annually, but he knew he could use digital interviewing to help him hire faster and smarter. Greg enjoys the outdoors, running his eBay business and all things Iowa Hawkeyes-related!