How to Land a Summer Internship with RIVS Interview Prep

It’s about time to start applying and preparing for summer internships. About 61 percent of college students participate in internships, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Class of 2017 Student Survey.


One of the best ways to ensure that students land their dream summer internships is by making sure that they’re well prepared for your interviews. RIVS Interview Prep helps students succeed by preparing them with mock interviews:


  • Build soft skills. Most students focus on the hard skills and experience required for the internship, rather than the soft skills needed to collaborate with other team members and pitch themselves to employers. Students also tend to get nervous about the interview experienced or stumped by unfamiliar questions. Practicing soft skills, like a positive attitude, excellent communication skills, and self-confidence, will give students an edge over others and help them land that dream internship.


  • Practice anytime and anywhere. With RIVS Interview Prep, students can take their mock interviews anytime and anywhere. Interview Prep also allows students to conduct self-assessments and request feedback from their mentors or coaches.


  • Create personalized interviews. Colleges and universities’ career centers can create personalized mock interviews, using RIVS’ database of thousands of pre-recorded questions, and record custom questions for students.

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