It’s time to break free

We agree that nothing will replace the value of a 1-on-1 in-person mock interview and the true simulation of the pressure of a job interview. However, we believe that mock interviewing can be more than just meeting someone in person and reading off cue cards. Pre-recorded video can be a useful complement for career counselors and students alike.

For students, video creates a no-pressure environment to practice and objectively self-assess their skills. Unlike using a mirror to prepare, students get the simulated interaction of being asked questions. Also, with a recording, students can view their responses after completing them, which removes the distraction of trying to assess yourself during the act of practicing.

Additionally, students will be able to practice on their own prior to and after an in-person mock interview. This enriches any soft-skill development program by ensuring that students can be prepared before scheduling time with a career counselor and also ensuring that students can brush up on their skills later.

Finally, students who are hard to reach because of busy schedules or different learning styles can use video as an alternative way to prepare for their career. By offering a variety of options, your career center can serve more students.

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