It’s time to break free

We agree that nothing will replace the value of a 1-on-1 in-person mock interview and the true simulation of the pressure of a job interview. However, we believe that mock interviewing can be more than just meeting someone in person and reading off cue cards. Pre-recorded video can be a useful complement for career counselors […] Keep Reading

Your Students will be Selected Soon

Last week, College Football teams were selected to random bowl games. They all earned their spot by preparing week in and week out the entire season for this one chance. And as the football season comes to an end, the teams now have the opportunity to show that they are the best. Soon, students are […] Keep Reading

The New NCLB: How to Fare Better at a Teacher Job Fair

Every spring thousands of novice and experienced teachers take time away from their student teaching or professional duties to travel to an education job fair sponsored by a local university or large school district. In attendance are recruiters from schools all across the nation, both public and private. These recruiters spend big bucks purchasing fancy […] Keep Reading

How To Hire The Right Summer Intern For Your Company

Hiring summer interns is popular for various reasons. They bring fresh, enthusiastic energy to your business, and they’re hungry for experience in your industry. It can also be a way to source a valuable employee, later down the line. On the other hand, they’re inexperienced, so they’ll require time and guidance from you. They won’t […] Keep Reading


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