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Deliver A Consistent Interview Process

HireBar is a Software Platform that Helps You Establish
a More Structured, Data-Driven Hiring Process.



Standardize Your Interview Process
in 3 Easy Steps

11096638-0-MeetingComplete our simple interview customization questionnaire.
11096628-0-Adapt-To-ChangesRelax, while we build your custom database of interview questions.
11096623-0-Competitive-BehaviouWin praise for delivering a more effective interview process!
“HireBar has the right combination of tools and training that allowed me to roll out a consistent interview process across the company.”
The Hershey Company – Colleen Truitt, Sr Mgr Talent Acquisition

Be Seen As a Trusted Talent Advisor

Every Recruiting Leader wants their hiring managers to follow a consistent interview process that results in faster, more data-driven hiring decisions.

But, in the absence of simple tools and proper training, your managers will just do their own thing.

They’ll ask interview questions that aren’t relevant to the job. And they’ll make decisions based on how much they “like” a candidate…not how “talented” they are.

But getting everyone on the same page is not easy! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to hand-hold each and every one of your clients.

And your applicant tracking system doesn’t measure up when it comes to providing interview solutions.

That’s why we built HireBar.

To help recruiting leaders take command of their interview process and provide the guidance and tools that their interview teams need to make more data-driven hiring decisions.

The core of our platform is an interview guide builder. It’s a simple tool that helps you provide your interview teams with the questions they need to assess talent. And to assist your interviewers with best practice techniques, we provide an online interview training program so you never have to conduct one of those half-day behavioral interview training courses again!

We’ve helped recruiting leaders at some of the most recognizable brands in the world to add more structure, more consistency and more compliance to their interview process.

Click on the button below to schedule a quick call to see if HireBar might be the solution that you need to take control of your interviews and deploy a more consistent, data-driven hiring process.



Be Seen As a Trusted Talent Advisor

Arm your managers with interview guides and interviewer training,
and deliver faster, more data-driven hiring decisions.

6823898-0-HireBar-Training-Mob2Online Interview Training
10938748-0-laptopInterview Guide Builder