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Reduce Time-to-Hire

Time-to-hire is arguably the most popular KPI used for recruiting and video interviewing reduces the overall hire time by identifying a more efficient process.

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Improve Flexibility

End scheduling and conducting phone screens only to find out a candidate is not a fit. Create flexible time by sending out video interview invitations and then review interviews on your own time!

Artificial Intelligence - Video Interviewing

Wow Candidates

Over 91% of candidates found the video interview to create a favorable impression of the employer. Making it a no-brainer to using video interviewing.

One-Way Video Interviewing

Screen for Soft Skills

Soft skills are incredibly important in the finance sector. One-way video interviews enable you to easily assess your candidates’ soft skills and screen candidates for personality and cultural fit, as well as soft skills like communication and collaboration.

Live Two-Way Video Interviewing

Reduce Travel Costs

Eliminate the need for in-person interviews with remote candidates by implementing RIVS live two-way video interviews. Doing so will help you reduce the time and money costs associated with travel.

Interview AutoScheduler

Automatically Schedule Candidates

When you do need to schedule candidates for in-person interviews or live two-way interviews, you can easily save the hours of back-and-forth with RIVS AutoScheduler. This module integrates with your team’s calendars and enables your candidates to schedule interviews during the times that work best for you.

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