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Implement our video interviewing technology to help your districts secure top talent more quickly. Use our K-12 ROI Calculator to learn what your school district can save.

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Reduce Time-to-Hire

Hiring top talent is key to student success. Qualify your candidates more quickly using video interviews to expedite your selection process.

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Create a Convenient Process

Eliminate scheduling and conducting phone screens and allow your candidates to complete a video interview on their time, giving your Administrators the ability to review completed interviews when it is convenient to them.

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Wow Candidates

Over 91% of candidates found video interviews to create a more favorable impression of the employer. Innovate your process and implement video interviews today.

One-Way Video Interviewing

Screen for Soft Skills

Soft skills are incredibly important to determine fit for school districts. One-way video interviews enable you to easily identify personality and cultural fit, as well as soft skills like communication and collaboration.

Live Two-Way Video Interviewing

Expand your Talent Pool Reach

Eliminate the need for in-person interviews with remote K12 candidates by implementing RIVS live two-way video interviews. Doing so will help give you the advantage to connect with candidates regardless of their location.

Interview AutoScheduler

Automatically Schedule Candidates

Allow candidates the ability to self-schedule in-person interviews or live two-way interviews, eliminating the back-and-forth of scheduling. Our AutoScheduler integrates with your Administrators calendars and enables your candidates to self-schedule their interview based on availability.

We were able to screen more candidates in a more comprehensible way and at a less cost.”

Greg Dietz

Assistant Superintendent of HR

Maine Township District 207

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