Interview Guide Builder

Guide Builder

Create and manage a more structured, data-driven on-site interview process with the Interview Guide Builder. Create customized interview guides for yourself and managers and then accept online decision making data from the hiring team.


  • Powerful Search Features
  • Create Interview Guides Fast!
  • Send Guides Online or PDF
  • Store Guides Online
  • Centralize Online Access
  • Secure Cloud Storage

How It Works

  1. Complete our simple interview customization questionnaire.
  2. Relax, while we build your custom database of interview questions.
  3. Win praise for delivering a more effective interview process!


  • Consistency: Provide your hiring managers with what they need to follow a consistent interview process that results in faster, more data-driven hiring decisions.
  • Proper Decision Making: Allow managers to ask questions that are relevant to the job instead of them deferring to how much they “like” a candidate.


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