Interview Prep


Future job candidates often do not have the soft skills necessary to pitch themselves to employers, are nervous about the experience, or get stumped by unfamiliar questions. Practicing these essential skills will give them the knowledge and confidence to land their dream job with ease. Your students wouldn’t walk into a test without preparing. Why let them interview that way?


  • Professor Access & Sharing
  • Students Take Interviews Anytime
  • Create Tailored Student Interviews
  • Incorporate Video Assignments Into Curriculum


  • Engage More Students: Scale your ability to help students by leveraging technology to reach the entire student population.
  • Turn Students Into Star Candidates: Give students the ability to practice as much as they want with our database of thousands of questions to review their responses and gather feedback from career services, professors and mentors.

Unrivaled Support

Candidates enjoy 24/7 live technical support, should they need any help or advice during their mock interviewing. Students can contact a representative anytime. Clients receive a Customer Success Manager and hands-on implementation and training for easy onboarding.




“We can facilitate mock interviews for professors without having hundreds of students overload our small staff of counselors.”
Jamie Belinne
University of Houston-Bauer School of Business