Interview Prep (InterviewStream)

Prepare job-seekers and students for entering the workforce with mock interviewing

Interview Prep - Mock Interviewing

Build soft skills

Job seekers often do not have the soft skills necessary to pitch themselves to employers, are nervous about the experience, or get stumped by unfamiliar questions. Practicing these essential skills will give them the knowledge and confidence to land their dream job.

Mock Interviewing

Practice anytime, anywhere

Job-seekers and students take their mock interview anytime, anywhere. They can then conduct a self-assessment on their interview as well as request feedback from a mentor or coach.

Create personalized interviews

Create personalized mock interviews using our database of thousands of pre-recorded questions or record custom questions for job-seekers and students.

Interview Questions - Mock Interviewing

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Benefits that you will love.

Engage More Students - Mock Interviewing

Engage More Students

Scale your ability to help students by leveraging technology to reach the entire student population.

Improve Experience - Mock Interviewing

Create Star Candidates

Give job-seekers and students the ability to practice as much as they want with our database of thousands of questions.

“[Students] feel more prepared, they feel relieved that they’re going to have something to use to practice [interviewing].”


-Cayla Johnson, McLennan Community College