Interviewing Technology Suite — RIVS Video Interview Technology

Interviewing Technology Suite

One-Way Voice / Video Interviewing

Screen candidates in a minute or less with online video interviewing technology. Yes, it’s possible. Create written, voice or video interview templates to send to candidates to complete on their own time. Recruiters are then able to review and score candidate responses to better identify quality candidates.



RIVS One-Way Interviews - Online Video Interviewing

Live Video Interviewing

60% of employers use video interviews. Connect with candidates from any location without the hassle of downloading software to drastically reduce travel costs while still gaining insight into candidate personality traits, skills, and cultural fit. It’s a win-win.



RIVS Live Video Interviews - Two-Way Video Interviewing

Interview AutoScheduler

A personal assistant for your calendar. Manage and optimize your valuable time by syncing your RIVS calendar with your Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar to populate your availability. Send candidates your open time slots for them to choose what works for them, too.



RIVS Interview AutoScheduler

Interview Guide Builder

Create and manage a more structured, data-driven on-site interview process with the Interview Guide Builder. Create customized interview guides for yourself and managers and then accept online decision making data from the hiring team.



RIVS Interview Guide Builder

Interview Prep

Future job candidates often do not have the soft skills necessary to pitch themselves to employers, are nervous about the experience, or get stumped by unfamiliar questions. Practicing these essential skills will give them the knowledge and confidence to land their dream job with ease. Your students wouldn’t walk into a test without preparing. Why let them interview that way? Mock video interviewing helps future candidates work on these skills and prepare.



RIVS Interview Prep - Mock Video Interviewing