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Job Openings

So you think you might want to work for RIVS do you?

Well then great! You’re in the right place. We are always looking for passionate sales, technology, and service personnel that want to play a key role in making our customers successful.

What you get out of working for RIVS:

  • The opportunity to truly make an impact on the company and our customers. Everyone plays a key role in the company’s success.
  • The ability to define your own path to success. We empower our people to find the best way to deliver the results that they are held accountable to.
  • An amazing working environment. Our philosophy is that hiring is the most important decision that a business makes. As a result when you work at RIVS you will find that you are surrounded by motivated, smart, passionate people from a variety of different cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds.
  • Beer. Ok that probably isn’t the first thing you were looking for when you decided to look for a job, but it isn’t unusual for happy hour to start around 3:30 on a Friday.

What you won’t find at RIVS

  • Bureaucracy. If you need to get something done just ask, whoever you need to ask. You don’t have to email your boss, who emails their boss, who submits a PO, which needs to be approved by finance, then reviewed by legal…ugh that was exhausting just to write.
  • Boredom. Building a new business is exciting, it changes A LOT. Hope you are comfortable with ambiguity and change because that is part of the gig.

If this sounds like your ideal company then drop us a line, we want to hear from you!