RIVS Hires New Inside Sales Executive

Today is a great day. It is Bryce Anderson’s 8th day of work. Bryce is RIVS’s new Insider Sales Executive. He’ll be working on the corner of Leland and Marketing in the RIVS office.

Bryce has worked in two different university call centers. In both roles he became accustomed to hiring and screening candidates rapidly. From these experiences, Bryce realized he’d like to work in sales at a startup. RIVS especially appealed to Bryce because he would have liked to use our platform in his previous positions.

He’ll be working to sell Simple Screen. Simple Screen helps hiring managers screen more applicants for entry level positions with a lot less effort so they can work on harder to fill positions. They can bypass the posting, resume screening and pre-interview process and go straight to an audio or video preview of the most highly ranked applicants.

Getting to RIVS was not the easiest path. Bryce was in between jobs for three weeks and reports sitting in his bungalow feeling strong bouts of stupidity.

In his three weeks of unemployment, Bryce’s activities included: napping with his dog, watching Wife Swap, one lesson of Rosetta Stone Spanish and more napping with his dog. “Generally I was a scummo,” he explains.

Since starting work, he feels quicker on his feet and like he can think faster. He reports having all of life’s answers now.

“Before this, I lived in a meaningless existence as larvae–not a caterpillar because they know what’s coming,” Bryce says stoically, glancing up at the ceiling for composure, shaking his head at the tissues we offer him. “I emerged from my cocoon a powerful RIVS butterfly.”