Your Students will be Selected Soon

Last week, College Football teams were selected to random bowl games. They all earned their spot by preparing week in and week out the entire season for this one chance. And as the football season comes to an end, the teams now have the opportunity to show that they are the best.

Soon, students are going to be selected to join companies and just like on the gridiron, students need to prepare to that they are the best for the job.

Here are some tips to prepare your students to get selected.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Having a resume is one of the key components when aspiring to learn how to ace an interview. The resume should follow standard resume guidelines and contain all pertinent data of work and education history placed on the primary page of the document.

Nailing the interview is the most important key getting hired. Building their soft skills will help build the confidence that it takes to nail the interview. Just how teams use game tape to see what they need to fix before the next game, mock video interviewing allows students to review their interview responses and fix their mistakes.


Executing the Gameplan

After spending countless hours preparing for different questions and scenarios, it’s time for the big interview.

  1. Dress the part – Some companies have a standard of attire for their workplace. However, even if in other companies the work attire is not required, it is recommended that attire is worn during the interview to be professional.

  2. Don’t break Eye Contact – Whether in a traditional setting or completing a video interview, eye contact is important.

  3. Be Authentic – Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm. The last thing an employer is wanting is a robot.


Being selected is not a lottery pick. Companies are selecting candidates that have prepared and show the necessary soft skills that will help them win the big one.  

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